The app tallied the points and declared a winning team, but a final ruling on our LuchaThor Mexican-Norwegian mashup scavenger hunt has yet to happen. (Prepare to be stripped of your title, cheater-cheater pumpkin eaters.) Every year at our Summer outing, we learn a few things and this was no exception. For ‘xample: 

     • We have a Giant Jenga world champion in our midst. Who knew?
     • We will forever steer clear of blindfolded designers swinging aluminum bats.
     • The tamarind candy inside piñatas is an acquired taste we have not yet acquired.
     • After tasting our client’s burgers and (other client’s) beer together, we’ve decided they should elope.
     • It’s ok to borrow a stranger’s child to complete a human pyramid, as long as you A) ask first, and B) return said child.
     • We have so. many. questions. about Santa’s off-season. 

Anyhoo, the incriminating photos will be kept in the files of employees whose only crime was desperately wanting to win a scavenger hunt one hot day in August. Is that so wrong?

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