Granted, we’re more soft Tootsie Roll center than hard candy shell – but these stories got to us. They’re part of the next installment in the Deluxe sponsored Small Business Revolution, where votes determine which town the expert team tackles next. Then they visit, build relationships and offer professional consulting to help small businesses become savvier and more viable.

The latest revolution is happening in Wabash, Indiana, and Fame was invited to offer guidance to two small shops focused on what just so happens to be two of our favorite things: fireplaces and thrifting. (Giddyup.) For Schlemmer Brothers, a fourth-generation family-run retailer, we shared opportunities, merchandising best practices and floor plan pointers to boost sales per square foot. And for Thriftalicious, we provided consumer trends, merchandising thoughts and floor plan reco’s to maximize the space. See the full stories here. (And keep a hanky handy.)

Schlemmer Brothers Episode

Thriftalicious Episode

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