Don’t poke the bear, people. You know not what you’re dealing with here. They say music soothes the savage beast, but we all know that’s just shameless self-promotion on the part of the music industry. It’s all-powerful food that does the trick. To keep the peace at home, we recommend having a stack of handmade meals in the freezer ready to avert any hanger-tastrophes. Enter Fame client Let’s Dish. Our new window signs help steer curious cooks (or otherwise) in the right direction. Classic Dishing for DIY-ers. Dish-n-Dash for those who wanna phone it in, and Express Dish for completely faking like you had a plan for tonight alllll along. Ask someone to set the table and say something semi-snarky like, ‘Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?’ to make it extra believable.

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