Our CES highlights, reduced down like a fancy French sauce – but in true New Year’s resolution style, fat-free.

Three days on the floor at CES and here’s what we learned. (Although it’s been a week now, so 137,000 new things have probably already been invented.) Overall we saw smarter, more stylish wearables. VR, VR, VR. Annnd some inspiring digital magicalness perfect for retail environments.

Under Armour shoe sends distance to your phone
Plus it’s got a built-in jump test to tell you if you’re too fatigued to safely continue, or if you need a kick in the pants to keep going. (Our scenario was the latter. But to be fair, one of us was in heels.)

Jammies that monitor your sleep patterns
They even make reco’s you’ll actually follow through on, unlike that weird advice from your bro-in-law.

Fit Bits you’d actually want to wear
Fit Bit is upping its style game, offering some new ones with a more ‘analog’ aesthetic, thanks to licensing deals with the likes of Tory Burch and Public School. (We likey.)

Slightly lower dork-factor for VR headsets
They’re trying, really they are. But while there’ve been some small steps for fashion (Google Daydream’s soft fabric version) – definitely no giant leaps for fashionkind.

YouTube goes all 360 on us
The frontrunner in this category, YouTube is blazing new tech-trails with 360-degree videos you can view with VR headsets. See style note above, if fashion figures into this equation for you.

Ab workout disguised as fake-skiing
VR makes its way into fitness, with sci-fi-ish contraptions that simulate downhill skiing so you forget you’re working your abs. (Is it just us or does that sound too good to be true? We’re intrigued, but skeptical.)

Hopper records a lifetime’s worth of TV in one night
The voice-activated Hopper 3 lets you record an insane 16 shows at a time while watching something else. (Get a life, people. Or at least a non-TV hobby.)

Robots are alive and well (and sometimes more helpful than humans)
You may already know this if you’ve been assisted by one at the San Jose airport. (Cool in an only slightly creepy way.)

Invisible Interfaces want to move in with you
Whether talking to Alexa makes you feel tech-savvy or wondering if you need more real-life friends is debatable. Yet the voice-activated mania marches on, controlling everything from refrigerators to cars to dancing(!) robots(!).

Hologram displays mess with your mind
Crazy-fast spinning LED projections look like objects suspended in space. When you realize they’re not real, you start getting all confused about whether YOU are. (PS: you are.)

Sony’s Lego-like setup
Sony’s new CLEDIS monitors can be configured in multiples for a scalable seamless look, perfect for retail displays (and the brick-toy obsessed).

LG OLED TVs, a little too real?
Their CES underwater walkthrough scene was so real we panicked a bit after realizing we couldn’t hold our breath any longer.

So. There you have it. Our favorite CES-ness. Until next year….

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