As we emerge from official Netflix binge season and start thinking about warmer temps and less Nanook-like clothing coverage, it seems apropos to talk fitness studios, like the one we just designed for Fly Feet Running a few blocks from our office. It’s a space dedicated to the Treadmighty with a workout so intense, we feel muscle-y-er just talking about it [bicep flex-‘n-kiss here]. It Grand-Opened to much local fanfare back in November, but we’ve been saving this post ‘til we had pics to share. And now we do.

We got in early on the branding action here, helping the owner of this genius concept arrive at a differentiating brand positioning, name, visual expression, brand voice and finally (dunh-da-daaaa) – the studio environment. The ask was to appeal to runners who thrive on the energy of the group in this crazy-intense new treadmill workout (sort of the running version of Soul Cycle).

Vibrant studio graphics and fixturing serve as an environmental extension of the brand identity, with lively greens and yellows anchored by the cool gray, and a slightly deconstructed mark that suggests individuals uniting as a group. The sharp angles and graphic wing speak to speed and momentum. And the brand tone has a gentle fierceness that challenges and inspires (in a lovingly butt-kicking way). You should try it. You can’t fake that injury forever. We’re on to you.



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