We were gonna have you close your eyes and picture a bank, and theoretically it would be all bland and boring and yawny – so when we showed the big Wings reveal, it’d be like, Whoaaa, that’s a bank?! Woulda been fun if you hadn’t gone and ruined the surprise. Guess we’ll go with Plan B, which is essentially just explaining what you’re looking at (c’mon, still fun, right?).

When the Lake Vermilion of financial institutions (in other words, Minnesota’s fifth largest) asked us for a skyway flagship, of course we said we’re in. ‘Specially since their new space is two giant steps from our elevator bank (six-to-eight in a pencil skirt if anyone’s counting). Their primary request was something unbanky – so de-bankify them we did, elevating the brand experience and positioning Wings as a tech-savvy, forward-thinking, community-first place to bank.

Taking comfort and convenience cues from hotspots like hotel lounges and slightly more businessy airport clubs, we created a bright, welcoming environment that makes members feel truly cared for and valued. Street-facing seating along the window has charging stations, and a complimentary beverage area for anyone needing to escape the chaos of their office kitchen. Well, not just any yocal. You’ve gotta at least be in the ‘thinking-about-joining’ category to go glug-glugging their coffee and sodas. Don’t think we won’t see you. We work right upstairs. (Maybe if we’re going to police the beverages like that, we should probably have a badge or something more official than a shocked face and pointer finger.)


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