Much like small children, agencies are used to gettin’ the smack-down in the form of a big ole no. For lots of reasons: the realities of budget and timing – or insight-driven, well-considered strategic rationale like someone’s not feelin’ that particular color that particular day even though they totally dug it yesterday. Which is why the Fame/Pictura partnership with AdFed on The Show was kinda. Not. Normal. Weirdly, goodly so.

For ‘xample. When we brought Pictura ideas, they said YES. Even to the crazy stuff – YES. (Huhhhhh?) Yes, yes, yes. All day, yes.

Custom die-line for an Asian-inspired takeout box? Sure. Double-sided, full-color UV printing mounted to cardstock? Uh-huh. Custom printed PET insert tray to house award entry bags in a li’l compartment below? On it. Branded stickers on custom fortune cookie packages? Done. And that was just the Call for Entries package.

There was the invite too, which of course we couldn’t just print on a card or poster. We needed an Ask the 8-Ball spinner that actually spun to predict whether people would be at The Show (they would).   Again from Pictura, yes.

For seasoned creatives accustomed to the realities of the ubiquitous no, or the less severe ‘maybe-next-time’ (also a no), all this agreeable-ness was confounding. So much of a head-scratcher people wondered if we had a scalp condition. (Pictura, that’s a compliment – the highest form of praise. And it’s not really meadow-running season just yet, but if we bundled up, maybe we could take the Fame tandem bike out for a spin. (PS: that’s an offer not everyone gets. We’d jump on it if we were you.)


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