We love new stuff. New bands. New books. New puppies. New shoes. New strange-sounding sauce concoctions. Annnnd new people with their new hair, new quirks, new jar-of-what-is-that(?) salad lunches and (please-please-please) new stand-up comedy bits.

And now we have three. All at once.

We talk about people coming in and rolling up their sleeves. But these three? They showed up with their sleeves pre-rolled. It’s a nuance, but worth noting. Speaks to their mindset, and all-around impressiveness. Onboarding? Pfft. The leisurely ‘ramp up’ is clearly for amateurs, and these are pros who came in ready to tame that beast we call the work day.

That’s a lotta people-talk, so let’s get to it. World’s briefest bios and some Did You Know’s below.


Justin Ungs, Account Director

Quick-witted gif-master and freakishly unflappable no matter how many curveballs get thrown his way, Justin came to Fame fresh off an admirable 8-year run at JT Mega, where he worked on biggie food brands like Nature Valley, Pillsbury, Hormel, Del Monte. Prior to that he worked on non-consumables like Honda and Holiday Inn Express at a brief but memorable toe-in-the-agency-water stint at a shop in Cedar Falls.

  • He was a licensed realtor in the great state of Iowa for about 5 minutes (ok, a week), before realizing nnnnot muuuuch happens at those open houses. So he scrapped that gig, said ‘SOLD’ to an agency job offer and moved to Minneapolis.
  • Both of his parents are twins (huh?!). Annnnd both of his older brothers married sisters. Cra.Zy. Like circus-crazy.
  • If he were one of those prepper-survivalist-people (he’s not, just play along), his basement bunker would be stocked floor-to-ceiling with watermelon, popcorn, coffee and IPA.


Sam Mitzel, Sr. Designer

In her short time so far at Fame, it seems she’s worked on almost everything. If it’s in-house, at some point it lands on her desk because she can’t not be busy. Not even for two-point-three minutes. (Possibly due to a perpetual iced caramel latte buzz. See below.) Previous experience includes an illustration gig at Creative Memories, and a 5-year run at Adventure, where she worked on everything from UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation and the Minnesota Zoo to PepsiCo, scoring nearly 50 Addys, plus a Best of Show and Judges’ Choice award from the American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota, where she also served on the board of directors.

  • Semi-pro slang-user, swear-er and nonstop asker of questions (laden with swears and slang).
  • Will work for food. Very specific foods. Namely iced caramel lattes, cookies and Taco John’s #5 with nacho cheese.
  • Into outdoorsy sports like boating, biking and flea-marketing (that counts, right?). Huntress of all things inspiring.


Emily Thamavong, Digital Designer

From the second she walked in here, she’s happily made quick work of whatever gets sprung upon during the course of the day. Prior to Fame, she was at Wunderman designing for Best Buy and Xcel Energy before moving to the New York office, where she worked her magic on Zoetis, United Airlines and too-many-to-list-here new business pitches. She then moved to 360i, working on 7-Eleven and yet more new business pitches.

  • Preferred superhero? Batman. Despite his shortcomings in the actual superpower department, admittedly, he does have a cool car. And cave and stuff.
  • Passive recliner-chair vacationer, she is not. She’s a doer. And we’re not talkin’ shuffleboard. Think yoga festivals and spontaneous Game of Thrones re-enactments in northern Ireland.
  • Her fur-child is a Bichon Lhasa Apso mix. Any breed that adorbs needs a good mashup name. LhasaApsichon? Mmmnnno. Bichasa Apso? Nnnot that either. We’ll keep trying.


Justin. Mitzel. Emily. So glad you’re here. We honestly don’t remember what this place was like pre-you-three.

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