Time Warner Cable

Transforming payment centers into brand-building interactive retail destinations

When TWC chose to transform its payment centers to retail stores, Fame led the charge, creating a digitally enhanced 14,000-square-foot New York flagship store, in addition to prototypes for hundreds of other locations. As the brand’s fourth-largest sales channel, serving millions of customers each month, stores had to remain functional as payment and customer service centers while providing a welcoming, interactive environment focused on the benefits of TWC technology.

In partnership with globally renowned research firm GfK, Fame applied proprietary research methodology, revealing key levers for driving results. By leveraging these insights, Fame created inviting, tech-savvy spaces where customers could interact with TWC services like never before – from a mobile app station to live demos for new products, and stations for customers to personalize their services. This was the first time a cable provider had created a store designed to educate customers on the products they already had or new features that could improve their cable, Internet or phone service.


  • 90% of customers are satisfied with their in-store experience
  • 75% say their store experience positively impacted their impression of TWC
  • 74% say they’d recommend the store as a place to learn about technology and TWC products
  • Retail is now the second-largest sales channel
  • Dramatic YOY sales improvement
  • 16-35% of the YOY growth in the channel comes from the 6% of stores that have been transformed
  • Albany realized 1,000% YOY growth and has maintained 35% ongoing growth
  • Increased representative productivity and work order quality

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